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We are now producing fingerlings!
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Redfish Ranch Tilapia Farm and Hatchery is the only licensed Tilapia Farm in British Columbia. Located 10 km north of Courtenay on Vancouver Island. Redfish Ranch, a fully enclosed containment facility uses pristine fresh well water to grow our highly sought after product. Since 2001 we have been supplying Asian markets in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of B.C. As more tanks have been added to our system, production has increased and so too has demand for our superior product.

While Tilapia has been farmed around the world for centuries in tropical climates, new technology to farm Tilapia in cooler climates is still relatively new. Redfish Ranch continues to be on the cutting edge of this new research and development.

Our marketable fish are hand selected for harvest and continue to command a higher price than any other Tilapia coming into the Vancouver area. Redfish Ranch is poised to take advantage of an increasing demand for this delicious and versatile food fish.

In future as our capacity meets maximum levels and our fry production increases we will be in a position as the only licensed Tilapia hatchery in British Columbia, to supply other Tilapia farms worldwide with our own Redfish Ranch Tilapia fry.

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